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Platteville Area Fire Facility 

The Platteville Fire District has proposed a new $14.5M fire facility to be built within the City of Platteville. The current fire station does not meet the needs of today's firefighters. The Fire District covers roughly 134 square miles and encompasses the City of Platteville and either all or parts of 7 additional townships. This project has the potential to impact 15,000-20,000 people.

At present the fire department has a roster limit of 60 volunteer firefighters, with 45 on the current roster. Volunteers are hard to find - employers are not eager to see employees leave their jobs. And, volunteers are even harder to keep due to the extensive training needed. This new fire facility would replace a nearly 60 year old structure and includes "dorm rooms" if and when full time firefighters become a necessity.

The proposed facility addresses a number of issues identified in the 2021 Fire Department Comprehensive Analysis. It would add fire fighter turnout space, a decontamination area for fire fighters returning from incidents, several extractors to replace the washer/dryer units, rooms for training and classes, storage, and restrooms/showers.
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Steering Committee Members

Paul Budden, Co-Leader

John Fick, Co-Leader

Lynnette Bloom

Ron Boldt

Kathy Connnett

Linda Fansler

Vicki Hirsch

Bob Hundhausen

Melissa Lovell

J.D. Milburn

Eileen Nickels

Nicole Tyc

Alaina Reeves

Jannan Roesch

Joie Schoonover

Dan Smith

Special Recognition Donation Levels

  • Diamond over $250,000 and up

  • Platinum $100,000 - $249,000

  • Gold $50,000 - $99,999

  • Silver $20,000 - $49,999

  • Bronze $10,000 - $19,999

  • Copper $5,000 - $9,999

Thank You, Donors!

AM Legion check #1.jpg

American Legion Post 42 donated $50,000

Hap & Barb Daus Check.jpg

Barb and Hap Daus donated $5,000

Charlie Clark.JPG

Charlie & Joyce Clark donated $5,000

Anonymous $50K Check-Brianne Beissmann & Chief Simmons.JPG

An anonymous business donated $50,000

Budden $5k.jpeg

Paul & Chris Budden donated $5,000


Stan & Barb Erlandson donated $5,000

Vicki & John Hirsch Check.JPEG

Vicki & John Hirsch donated $5,000

Mike & Marsha Stewart Check.JPEG

Mike & Marsha Stewart donated $10,000

Frequently Added Questions

What is the new fire facility project? The project is a new fire facility building that allows safe and efficient operations of our Fire Department. The new facility will address issues identified with the current facility during a Comprehensive Analysis of the Fire Department completed in 2021.

Why is a new fire facility necessary? In 2021, the current fire station was assessed for its ability to meet the needs of the Fire Department, both in providing a safe working environment for firefighters and for providing service to the public. The study found that the Fire Facility was well overdue for improvements. The problem areas included inadequate turnout space for firefighters, lack of decontamination spaces, building integrity, equipment storage, layout, and gear storage. This new Fire Facility will address these issues and allow for future growth and needs of the Fire Department.

When will the project happen? The project is currently underway. We expect to begin site preparation in late 2024, with facility completion in early 2026.

Where will the new facility be located? The new fire facility will be constructed on the decommissioned O.E. Gray Elementary School site near the Adams St. and Chestnut St. intersection.

Who is building the new fire facility? The City of Platteville has taken the lead in constructing the new fire facility. Additional partners include the seven townships in the Platteville Fire District and other non-profit organizations, including the Platteville Fire Department Inc. and Inspiring Community Inc. The architect Wendle/Five Bugles Design is the architect for the building. Kraemer Brothers (Plain) will manage construction.

How will a new fire facility resolve the current problems? The new fire facility will address all previously mentioned issues. Additional bays will house all fire apparatus. Proper equipment storage space will be added. Vehicle exhaust removal systems will be built. Issues regarding firefighter wellness and safety are being resolved by creating a dedicated turnout space and a decontamination area for firefighters returning from response calls. The new fire facility will provide a dormitory for the future if, and when, full-time firefighters are needed. Other issues addressed include making the building compliant with current code and ADA expectations and implementing energy-efficient practices.

How will the project be financed? About 50% of the financing for the project will be covered by Congressionally Directed Funding of $7 million with the 2022 passing of the Omnibus appropriations package. Additional funds will be provided by the City of Platteville and the surrounding townships, who will all benefit from the upgraded services. The current financial plan also relies on a community member-led capital campaign to raise $1.5 million in donations to supplement construction and furnishing expenses. The city is constantly searching for other potential grant opportunities to help ease costs for local taxpayers.

How will the city pay for its contribution to the project? The City will pay for its contribution through bond purchases, which will be budgeted through future property taxes.

How do community members donate or make an equipment contribution to the new fire facility? Monetary donations can be made to Inspiring Community Inc., noting Fire Facility in the memo line. Inspiring Community, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit (ID: 82-2002935). Please send donations to: Inspiring Community, Inc. 190 Market St., PO Box 503, Platteville, WI 53818 To inquire about making an equipment donation to meet the new facility's needs, please get in touch with Fire Chief Ryan Simmons at (608) 348-7826 or

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