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Current & Future Kewaunee Projects 

The future project we are focusing on the most right now is the relocation of the Kewaunee Senior Center/Community Center. The temporary location for the senior center is currently located in the Community Congregational Church. They have been without a permanent location for 4 years now. While Jean was alive, this was something she strongly supported and was really pushing to find a permanent location. This project is moving forward.

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Meal site

Some other projects include:​

  • Working with the Community Center Committee and the Kewaunee City Council

  • Assisting with updates to the hall used by the Kewaunee Senior Center

  • Improvements to Kewaunee Health and Fitness Center

  • Upgraded technology for Kewaunee City Council.

Smith rock.jpg

          This plaque honors a generous donation from the Don and Jean Smith Charitable Fund to City Hall.

The money was used to upgrade the technology in

the chambers and included microphones, speakers

and tablets.

          These improvements will cut down on the use of paper for Common Council and Committee of the Whole meetings.  The new equipment will also make meetings and discussions more accessible to all Kewaunee citizens.  

          From April to June in 2020 this technology was used to stream meetings and is now used to enhance in person meetings in the chambers.

          Jean enjoyed staying physically active.  The Don & Jean Smith Charitable Trust continues to support the Kewaunee Health and Fitness every year.  Funds have helped with pool renovations, work on the gym floor, and parking accessibility.  In 2019 the trust provided $7,000 to purchase a seated elliptical for the Kewaunee Health and Fitness, and in 2020 the Trust paid for half of the cost for heating equipment.

seated elliptical donated by Jean's Fund
Kewaunee Senior Center hard floor 2020.J
Kewaunee Senior Center carpet floor.JPG

          Late in 2019 the Don & Jean Smith Fund helped pay for the purchase and installation of new flooring in the Senior Center located at Community Congregational Church.  

          The fund has also been used to pay for a complete remodeling of the hall's bathrooms - new fixtures, floor, and painting.  This work has been done during the period that the hall has been temporarily closed because of COVID-19.

          Jean always appreciated the style of Lakehaven Hall, but she knew that the acoustics left something to be desired.  The Don and Jean Smith Fund provided for a specialist to evaluate the acoustics and make recommendations for improvements.  Recently the Fund enabled Lakehaven Hall to follow through on the plan.  Panels have been installed along the ceiling to improve the sound in the building and make programs much more enjoyable.  

Lakehaven Hall closer (3)cropped.jpeg
Lakehaven Hall looking up (4)cropped.jpe
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The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves

-Helen Keller

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